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Manage the security of your vacation rental property or multihousing units by giving your guests and tenants access via the Internet.
The Oracode Keyless door lock 660K is
a full body electronic pushbutton lock,
which is currently installed in thousands
of properties in North America.
The latest in the Oracode family, the
Oracode Keyless door lock 460K is a
deadbolt electronic pushbutton lock.
Multihousing / Condominium Solutions
How It Works

Oracode Keyless door locks allows you to remotely
manage your rental properties through an easy-to-use and
secure web-based solution.

No keys, no cards, no worries.
"Securing the Hotels and Resorts of the Caribbean Since 1988"
As a key management and contactless
electronic locking system, RezShield
delivers multiple access levels for your
residents, staff and vendors.